G-SIL Educational Society launched a free educational programme to support the education of the underprivileged children of the society. ‘Shiksha Ka Hath Sabke Sath’ is a free educational support programme for underprivileged children of the society.


G-SIL Educational Society creates memorable experiences through creative event planning and management. We organize annual day for schools and colleges, sports day, farewells, exhibitions, fashion shows, award shows, fairs, carnivals, summits, conferences, seminars, workshops etc. 


You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.” Involving students into competitions and applauding them is the strategy to success that GSIL follows. Everybody is talented and have something to express, so GSIL has come up with a platform where you can showcase your talent.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma
The President – G-SIL Educational Society

Dr. Gaurav Sharma is a renowned educationist, well known for his innovation in the field of education. He is very popular amongst students and teachers for his seminars and workshops. He has a special contribution for spreading literacy in under privileged children. He believes that children can perform well only when they are self confident. They can then be easily motivated & inspired to reach their goal. He is a staunch believer of the thought that “ There is bright child in every child.”

Research and Development Director in The  International Delhi Public School Society.

President at G-SIL Educational Society

State Vice-President, Haryana at Private Schools and Children Welfare Association….

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We follow the activity based teaching techniques according to G-SIL Educational Society activity based instructions could be the most solid fundamental idea in our educational world. It allows students to work in an interesting manner that moves, is motivational, and usually stirs the mind instead of allowing structural boredom of the same old way of teaching.

Provide a balance of concrete information (facts, data, and experimental results) and abstracts concepts (principles, theories and models)

Balance materials that emphasize practical problem solving methods with materials than emphasizes fundamental understanding.

Use pictures, schematics, graphs, simple sketches and other effective teaching aids liberally before, during and after the presentation of verbal material.

Give students the option of concentrating on class and home assignments for active learning.

Use smart class and computer assisted instructions whenever possible for sensory learners.

We do not fill every minute of class time lecturing and writing on the board. We provide intervals however brief for students to think about what they have been told.

Give students opportunities to do something active besides transcribing notes, such as small group brain storming activities.

The teachers provided by G-SIL Educational Society are well qualified, zealous and versatile experienced language teachers and translators. Our teachers have experience in corporate training and translation. We keep high benchmarks for our teachers and continuously rate them on the basis of feedback from the students and the management of the institution. As per the teaching method of G-SIL Educational Society our faculty incorporates best teaching methodologies in their teaching patterns. However they also utilize the flexible learning programs according to the students need.

We will conduct a counselling session for the students related to the subject matter free of cost in your institute. During the session, the students will be told about the scope of the foreign languages and the career opportunities in the field of foreign languages. The batches for the particular courses will be formed according to the interest of the students. We will commence a new batch with a minimum strength of 35-40 with nominal charges. We will provide a teacher as per your requirement, part time or for regular classes.

The proposed program involves the workshops, seminars, cultural events, visits to French colleges, French library and exchange programs.

We will make learning better through songs, poems, quizzes, movies, French olympiads etc. The students will take part in many cultural programs, exibhitions and fashion shows depicting French culture. The students will explore the culture of France and give an expression to their knowledge through display boards, articles in college magazine, exhibitions etc.

A particular section in the magazine and prospectus for French will also help us in awareness of students and parents about the scope and utility of foreign languages & students will have greater flexibility in choosing to focus on foreign languages.

As G-SIL Educational Society is associated with many organizations such as PRAYATNA EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY and MILNA ORGANISATION  so students can easily take part in different competitions and exchange programs organized by these organizations. The concerned institute can also host the events organized by these organizations which would add to the glory of the institution. These organizations offer free educational trips to France as the winning prize of the competitions and many cash prizes as rewards and these competitions are judged by the French delegates and the members of  Embassy of France in INDIA. These esteemed organizations also offer scholarship programs to the students.

The students would be prepared and assessed by the team of G-SIL Educational Society only to derive the best outcomes out of the students in the competitions or other related programmes.

In today’s global economy being multilingual has become a necessity. There is an enormous need of awareness of parents and students regarding the scope and importance of foreign languages. The pictures and videos of the students while performing cultural events and other French oriented activities would be uploaded on the website of the college.

There should be a separate blog in the college’s website where we would report and reflect our French club events which will directly show the devotion and hard work of the college, faculty members and our students.

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